Blog Post 13 – [Evaluation]


orangeI think my work went well because i added a lot of detail and effort also i talked better in a group then alone i loned a lot from stuff from doing this projuct and i think with my plan and pitching i added a lot of detail into my work about my trailer and my 2 movie ideas. With my movie idea i thought about 2 different ideas and what the theme of the idea was so i came up with a horror movie and a zombie movie themed ideas then i told a group of 8 people in a room while i got videod talking to the 8 people. They liked my horror movie idea so this told me that to do my horror movie idea that i called the last fight for air. So i did the trailer for the movie and thought of the location where i was doing my movie theme and why so i decided to do my hometown because it is easy to use and i know different locations that is in my home town then different places. Then we did how much the movie would cost us but it wouldn’t of cost me a lot of money knowing if we made the movie idea we would of used our college equipment but we would have to use movie for travel money this is because the actors needs to get to the locations where we would film and get back home after they are finished filming. But while we was doing this we thought about the law and if it was legal to film in the places where we had to film and if it on a private spot to ask the person if you was aloud to film your movie in that area. I think my pitch and planning went well and the only thing i would change is my zombie movie idea this is because when i did this idea i didn’t know what i wanted to do a lot so i came up with zombies just from my mind this was bad because i didn’t add a lot of detail into my movie idea to tell the group of 8 what my movie was about and what was going to happen in it and i didn’t add a lot of characters into my zombie one so i would of added more into it if i did this again a over time.


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