Blog Post 12 – [Health & Safety & Permissions]

Health and safety in my movie place is important because so the workers doesn’t work while they are filming at the location. you have to make sure everyone is safe and that there is no hazards in the filming area. Some of the hazards could be fire this is because with fire while you are filming this is bad because the filming can be set on fire this can also hurt and burn the actors bad you can stop this by using a fire extinguisher this is helpful because this stops the fire from burring the place and also harming the actors and the camera man. There can also a water hazard in my location this is because of the farm setting that it is based on the actors could fall into the water and probably drown to death. you can stop this from happening by making sure you got first aid on the set that can help the actors if they do fall into the water.

There is also safety when using equipment also this is because you have to follow some of the rules while using equipment like the lighting for the movie scene and also the camera and the props that are used in the movie.


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