Blog Post 10- [Location Recce]


My Location of my movie idea is set in the town of Coventry city this is because Coventry is my home town and i know the locations that are in the city. This is helpful because i know different places where i can film for my location and its easier to know where to go and what places looks good for a horror movie. Coventry looks lively at night this is because the people mostly go clubbing at that time this gives the movie a lively like theme to it. Coventry is also good to do a horror movie in because of the past that happened in it because of the bombings of the war. Coventry is a place that is full of houses and also near farms. My movie is mostly starts in the city where my characters move into their new house then the farm part of coventry is where the killer of my story lives this is because of the woods part of the farm where my main characters can run and hide in the movie and coventry is kind of a scary setting a night.

This also helps with the money part of my location also knowing we don’t have to use a lot of money for the location for the travel part we can get a bus to get to the locations and back home or sometimes you can walk to the locations where it doesn’t cost you a lot of money. The picture of this blog shows you some of the ideas for the locations this shows you the different places for coventry.DSC_0007.JPGDSC_0002.JPGDSC_0003.JPGDSC_0013.JPGDSC_0001.JPG


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