Blog Post 9- [Story Board]

This storyboard which i have drawn for the movie idea which i have picked for my project which i am doing show us what kind of scenes which would be in my movie trailer. This story board shows us what would be happening in each of the scenes what audio would be used also in each of the scene like if there would be any music that would be used in the trailer or what kind of sounds the viewers that are watching the trailer would hear. My movie trailer theme is a horror movie themed so my story board matches the theme which my movie will be based on. The scenes which i have drawn helps to show the horror theme which i am aiming for this is because of the dead body theme which i have added into my story board i also added loud audio into this scene this is because this would scare a viewer while they are watching the movie trailer this is because the audience which i am aiming to watch my horror movie is a older audience around the age 18 or older this is because a older audience loves scary scenes and also they love an intense feeling of fear, shock, or disgust which a horror does within their movie. my story board has scene causing a feeling of horror. at the end of my story board i have added a date when the movie will come out this is good because every trailer for a movie ends with a date.14883559472352092486433


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