Blog Post 11 – [Script and shooting schedule]


blueScene 1:”The cam shows the city at night while it plays peaceful like music showing the viewers that the city is calm and silent at night. Then a lighting like sound goes of then the scene shows dead bodys all cut up in a old like building. Then the title of the movie shows then it cuts to the main characters of our movie driving into the city in a white like van telling the viewers that they are moving into the city.”

Scene 2:

Oliver: “Well it took us a day to make it into this peaceful city but we are nearly at our new house.”

Shay: “I be fine as long we get into that house its freezing cold out here and the car heater is broken.”

Oliver: “Well no one cares about what you want we didn’t buy this house just for you it is for everyone in our friendship group.”

Shay: “Just shut up.”

“The car pulls up outside of the house while the characters start the put their boxes with their stuff that they wanted for the house inside. They start the hear sounds coming from the killers house so they decide to walk to the house wondering what the sound was coming from the house.”

Oliver: “Well the sound is coming from the building”

Shay: “Well we shouldn’t go in the took to see what it was it might be nothing.”

Oliver:”Are you really that scared of just a small building”

Shay: “N-no”

“Oliver breaks into the house and Shay runs back to the house to tell his friends on what was happening so his friends runs to the house to check it out and why Oliver just broke in.”

Days of shooting

Day:1 in the town of coventry time will be around 10pm where it is kind of busy but peaceful

Day2: They film in the building where the characters are well rested and ready to shoot f0r the film

Day3: They shoot in the killers house

Actors: Shay Chris Kenny

Camera man: Kurt


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