Blog Post 7 – [Legal/Ethical issues]

pinkMy movie idea that I am doing is a horror that is based in Coventry city this is because of my theme of the movie because it’s a murder based horror and Coventry is known for having a lot of crimes in their city.


The detailed organization and implantation of a complex operation.

“The logistics of a large-scale rock show demand certain necessities”

A big budgeted film uses this to plan out who they are going to need for their cast for they big budgeted movie they will also need to plan their location of the movie also and their equipment that they will need to film their movie with this is because they will need to plan on how much a cam will cost them and always the costumes and the location for the movie. (I got this from wiki)

I will use this in my movie to plan out what I will need but I know I am uses my friends for my movie and I will also need to use this to plan out with what equipment I use and this is different with a bigger budget movie because they would plan more for their film and work out the cost for the films.


A stock or supply of money, materials, staff, and other assets that can be drawn on by a person or organization in order to function effectively. (Got this from Google) A big budgeted movie will use this to find out how many staff they will have and need for their movie and how much it would cost them they do this to find out how much money they have for their movie to know how much they will need to spend for the movie

I will use this for my film to find out how much cast I will need for my characters and where to put my setting of the film to make sure I’m aloud to film around the area I want to put my setting into. And how much it will also cost me for the equipment and everything else. Also I need to plan the food/staff/money. And I will also need to use resources to find out what kind of props I will need for my horror themed movie this is because I would need props that need to make the film real like and get the audience think that the movie wasn’t on a low budget.


A big budget film uses this by the process by which a line producer, unit production manager, or filmmaker prepares a budget for a film production. This is for the cost of the movie that they are making each movie is different because of the location this is because each location for movies cost different kinds of money like if a big budget film picked the setting to be in Coventry it wouldn’t cost them a lot them like is would in Japan this is because of how well know the places are and where about

they are filming their movie. They will also use this the equipment they use for they film and how much each equipment will cost them.

My movie will be different then a big budgeted film because of the setting that is my home city so I wouldn’t have to pay for the location for my movie this is a good idea because I would have more money to pay for the location that is needed for my film and also I equipment will be from college that would also be free because I will use a cam recorder to film for movie for 3 days and if I need to use it again I can always take the cam out for the other 3 days to finish of my film idea. But I will also need to plan the travel money for each of my cast to reach this location that my film is set in and how much it would take them to travel they every day. And also how they will get back home after they have finished with the scene of the movies I wont need to pay for a cam recorder knowing I am using the one from the college so it would be free for 3 days that I need it for.


This is used in big budgeted because you need to find out if the place you are going to film it in is legal. This is because of when you are making a movie you need to make sure the place you a filming in isn’t against the law this is because if you filming into a place like that your movie might not make it to the big scene and you might have to pay a bill for it.

I will make sure when I am making my film that the setting is in a good place that isn’t legal and make sure that it isn’t in a big open space where random people are in the background this is because if you have people in your background they can force you to pay money from the law so you have to make sure its only your actors that are in your movie. I will use one of the school rooms for this is because not a lot of people use this room and it could be good to not be in an legal area when setting the movie.

You will also need to make sure that people are paid for being in your movie this is because if they are working for you for money and you aren’t paying them that is legal and you could get done for that. But my is different knowing it’s a college project so I wouldn’t need to pay people that are in my movie but only for the way to get to the set and that is it.


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