Blog Post 6 – [Focus Group]

Focus Group Presentation:

Feedback on focus group

My focus group was a group of 8 people around the age group 16 to 18 years old there was 7 boys and one girl they were silent and only a few people in the group answered some questions. Some of the people in the group they said to put more detail into my story than the characters because the characters had more, they also liked my film idea one then my film idea 2 this is because I had more detail into my idea 1 than the second idea. This will help me with my next film idea in the future, because I will add more detail into the story and the characters. I need to improve asking more questions to the focus group this is because I didn’t write down any questions for them to answer, and tried to think about what to ask them. This ruined it because, the focus group took long to answer the questions and I needed to ask more questions in a fast like way. We did it twice the first one was the warm up and the second time was the real one, I did better on the second one because I added in more detail into both of my ideas and told them how I got the idea and where it would be set. I spoke more clearly than the first time I told the focus group my idea.

Questions I asked and the answers I got.

Which idea did you like the most – They liked idea one because of it being more detailed then my second idea this might be because of the age group that was in focus group that was around 16 to 18 this is because teenagers around this age mostly like horror movies because of the action and gore that is I every horror movie.

What I can do to improve my ideas- They said to add more detail into my characters for my films ideas this is probably because I never said all the detail that was written down and this might be because the group wanted to hear more info to see if they fitted into the movie and the role that they have in the movies.

They also said to add a setting into the movies, this is because of me not knowing where to put the location for the 2 ideas.


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