Blog Post 5 – [Target Audience]



A target audience is a demographic of people (Viewers) who takes interest in a product aka TV shows and movies. A target audience is broken up into what age is the viewers for the theme of the movie and what gender they are. We  do this by checking what type of movies the pubic like to watch in 2011 the highest theme was comedy this is because in 2011 a group asked 16 year old’s what type of movies do they watch.

When making a film you will need to know what your target audience is this is because you will need to plan on how to make them want to see your movie or TV show and how you will do this if your age group for your product is 18 or older you will show them your movie trailer at late at night this is because must adults like to stay up night and watch TV. With my movie it will be 18 and older this will be because of my film theme being a horror movie and how I will get my viewers to want to watch my movie I will do this by making it seem more horror like and add more gore into it.Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 11.22.29.png


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