Blog Post 4 – [Film Idea 2]

Idea 2: My second idea is about a adult man named Jake he is a cop that had a case he had to solve. But when he went to the case location everyone was dead he seen someone walking in the hallway so Jake decided to walk to the person to find out the person was a zombie. Scared Jake pulled out his gun and shoots the zombie he runs outside to find out everything went to hell. So Jake runs to find out if there was any humans left by free running and trying to get away from the zombies. but the story will mostly be in a house in the middle of the woods.

Characters: Jake is a 35 year old parkour trainer that is also a cop that wants to protect his family and his group no matter the risk.

My target audience for the movie is 18 or older this is because of the action and gore of the movie and the movie might have some sexual scenes in it with the main character and his wife.



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