Blog Post 3-[Film Idea 1]



Idea one: A group of teenagers bought a house next to a murderer but they don’t know. They start to notice the person they live next to was acting strange so the group of teenagers go to check it out. They decide to sneak into the house at night by breaking in by lock picking the back door. The teenagers started to search the house finding out that the person that owned the house wasn’t in they find a locked door and try to open it while they open it one of the teenagers goes to look for the key to open the strange door that was locked by chains. 1 hour later the teenager didn’t come back to the group so the friends decide to go look for him. While they do that they hear the door close knowing that the owner of the house was back. They will have to hide and survive to make it out a life without the murderer knowing. Only two of the teenagers will survive. Maybe the killer isn’t a human.


Oliver – He is an 18 year old male who plays for the football team he is also the school bully and doesn’t care what people so to him or what they tell him he is brave and dumb when it comes to coming up with ideas.

Fred – He is an 17 year old male who is smart and caring he is the nerd in his class he loves to help people with their work and kind of scared of bad ideas that could get him told of by his parents or the police.

John- He is a 20 year old male who is friends with Oliver he is the guy who helps them break into the house and is not scared to do anything bad.

Steve- his is an 65 year old male who doesn’t like people breaking into his house he is also the murderer.

Shay- is a 16 year old male he was smart enough to not go into the house.

My target audience for this movie idea is 18 or older this is because of the swearing that is going to be in the movie and also some sexual scenes and gore. This is because of the theme of the movie and also the characters that are in the movie.



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