Blog Post 2 – (Film Trailers)

Horror Movie Trailer

The trailer for the 1980’s horror The Shining was really good for the trailer which they have made to show the horror themed which The Shining was aiming for. The trailer has   an intense feeling of fear, shock, or disgust this is because of the close up on the boy that is riding his bike in the hotel which is setting in the movies theme. The trailer also for The Shining also cuts to different scenes which will be in the movie this is a good idea for the trailer because the movie trailer so the good and scary scene where the girl is waving a baseball bat at the main villain in the movie which causes a thing causing a feeling of horror. The setting of the movie is based in a hotel in the middle of no where this is a good setting for their horror movie and the trailer shows you that it works well this is because in a hotel setting you can have anything happen in it that you can have a  slaughterer which could try the murder the main characters in the movie which the movie picked the do. they also could have a Phantom or a demon which the trailer shows with the 2 little girls in it also the lighting of the movie is dark this is a good because horror movies are good in the dark because they can add a lot of jump scares in it.


Comedy Movie Trailer

The movie trailer the Ted is good because the trailer shows you a lot of humour in the trailer about a man named John that made a wish to bring his teddy bear a life which came true Ted trailer shows us that Ted and John try to live their normal lives in a city the setting is different then the movie the shining because the a comedy setting is more lighter and different while the horror movie is dark the trailer shows Ted us that the movie is made by the maker which made by the makers by family guy which shows the viewers that they are going to be laughing in the movie. The trailer shows more of the funny scenes that are in the movie this is because the maker whats to show their movie is a comedy theme.


Action Movie Trailer

The Suicide Squad trailer is good for the movie action themed setting because the trailer shows a lot of action and also combat which the villains are shown in the movie Suicide Squad also shows a dark and light environment this is different then the shining and also ted because they are horror and comedy while Suicide Squad is mostly focused on the combat and not jokes or jumpscares this is because they have a lot of weapons with them and the camera mostly focuses on the action which the movies show the movie is based in Gothams prison and also in a city this is tell the viewers that the movies main characters this mostly good for a action movie because if you add a lot of villains into it you get a lot of action.


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