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Horror code and conventions 

    • The soundtrack of movie is usually slow with classical instruments. Many horror films will have the music playing at a very low volume to start with, and this  then increases in volume up to the point where the action happens. This puts the audience on edge and when the action appears it make them more jumpy.
    • Throughout the horror film, long shots are used often. These create a strong sense of place, and builds up the creepy, atmosphere that most horror films wish to create. They us this by using Close ups are not used as often, as they usually use emotions of characters with the emotion in horror being terror.
    • Screaming is used throughout horror films and has become one of the major conventions of the genre. Weapons are also conventions of horror films.
    • The weather in horror films is usually stormy when the main action of the film takes place. Because it reflects the feelings of the characters.

Action code and conventions 

  • There are always helpers who are a team of innocent characters who happen to get caught up in the action.
  • Humorous dialogue often diffuses taught and sometimes frightening situations.
  • The characters take the twist and turns of the plot very seriously as they are often in mortal danger from an assortment of unusual animals, machines and monsters orchestrated by an evil antagonist.
  • Exotic locations where the characters have to contend with extremes of climate, as well as evil forces.

Comedy movie code and  conventions  

  • Funny character known as Idiotic people are usually used in contrast with a group of normal people, this shows the contrast of the personalities the stupidity of the folly character. above average intelligent people are used such as Big Bang Theory.
  • The lighting in is commonly bright or natural light, because this creates a realistic environment. Bright and happy colours are used to show that the scene is happy, The scenes are done in daylight.
  • The camerawork used for most comedies, is naturalistic and the characters are filmed in a way that shows that no one is better.

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